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Our company in a nutshell

A decade-long research

Our development centre has been working with active cannabinoids researching their use in the world of cosmetics for more than ten years. We are among the first enthusiasts who started adding cannabis to cosmetic products and studying the use of cannabis in the field of cosmetics, medicine and other healthcare related areas. As a rule, we want to offer top-range plant extracts to our customers and therefore we are sourcing proper top-quality ingredients from all around the world from the cleanest places on our planet to add a mark of quality to our products.

Try out a light layer of cannabinoids that penetrates deep into your skin. Verified over a thousand of years’-worth experience. Startling stories about cannabis treatment are not just a coincidence. And CBG really does work.

Cannabis has a very interesting ability to care about the skin’s protective barrier and to nourish it. Our products contain the highest-quality varieties of Cannabis sativa that are certified and strictly controlled. We have been striving to determine an ideal ratio between cannabinoids and oils to avoid any skin stress. After many years of research, we have succeeded and presented the Kanabigerol Care. CBG has anti-inflammatory effects that not only help with minor wounds but can also be used in prevention of skin diseases. It also helps to keep the skin moisturized and automatically builds up a protective filter on the skin’s surface. It is anti-bacterial and can handle some bacteria that have become resistant to some commonly used medication.

We have built the Kanabigerol brand out of pure love using references from the world of cannabis-based cosmetics that we have been working with for many years.

Brand story

Jiří Stabla, the founder of the brand, is the most popular cannabis activist in the Czech Republic having found a network of Cannabis Pharmacies. He became a pot nerd at the time when cannabis had cured his girlfriend’s long-term skin problems. He had studied healthy lifestyle and left his mark in the cosmetics industries in the USA, China, UK, Poland and wherever he had become involved in the common awareness and onset of cannabis product use.

With his team of pharmacists and dermatologists, he has been working on a research of creams, ointments and other cannabis products that make other people’s lives easier. He was the first in the Czech Republic to introduce a cannabis-based medical product on the market changing the opinion of healthcare professionals and expert public on the effects of cannabis. In 2014, he ranked second at the Nature & Organic competition in London in the category of the Best New Organic Product with nothing else but an all-purpose cannabis ointment. This opened the door to Jiří’s further opportunities in the field of cosmetics and new members joined his research & development team.

When CBG (cannabigerol) was discovered following the already popular CBD (cannabidiol), he did not wait any more and got down to further research and work. And before long, a new cosmetic brand saw the light of the day – Kanabigerol.

The Kanabigerol Care offered is based on several years’-worth of studies, efforts and findings focused on the opportunities in cannabis-related production to make the products work. The clients may learn more about CBG (cannabigerol), a substance found in cannabis in small quantities therefore quite a precious substance that even the professionals in the field call “Cannabis gold”. The plant that produces most CBG and that Kanabigerol uses in its products is called Santhica.

Vital system

The discovery of a vital system in the human body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) was probably the greatest breakthrough as it helped to clarify why and how cannabis-derived cannabinoids work in people and animals. Cannabigerol increases the level of anandamide (named as the cannabinoid of inner joy), an endocannabinoid commonly present in human body that helps controlling many biological functions, such as sleep, taste or memory.

With an open mind

Unlike chemical pharmaceuticals, cannabis treatment has no negative effects on the organs and vital functions of the human body. The cannabis therapy has been known for thousands of years as it is proven by many findings. Hundreds of experts and doctors nowadays inform about a positive impact of the cannabis treatment on patients. Get into this vibe and learn more about the true future in body care and inner harmony.

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Skin care

Modern times have made popular two main cannabinoids found in cannabis – CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). With the growing number of specific research studies, the awareness of other cannabis substances grows too, of which CBG (cannabigerol) is one. Scientists put CBG in connection with skin disease treatment and prevention. Why should we pay more attention when cannabigerol is discussed?