When I first learnt about cannabinoids (active ingredients derived from cannabis), my life changed. The cannabis ointment helped to cure my girlfriend’s skin disorder that she had been suffering from for several months; I saw it as a sign to keep going with my cannabis research. It was a truly emotional experience and a lesson learnt. I felt I got an important task to resolve. I have to return cannabis back to the society. I had a clear vision. I decided to promote cannabis in the eye of the public using media and become an all-life promoter of cannabis therapy. And I succeeded. I started examining cannabis substances in a greater detail, I read all available books with enthusiasm, visited patients who had some experience with cannabis therapy and diligently recorded all the findings only to transmit them to a newly emerging market that I have been systematically forming. The times were not really good for the cannabis plant but we managed to change it over a few years thanks to our love to people and the nature. We have done it over a single decade and cannabis has been restored in people’s minds as a friendly cure. I am overjoyed. In our team of pharmaceutical and dermatology experts, we have been developing creams, ointments and other products derived from cannabis to make people’s lives easier. I was the first one in our country to present a cannabis-based medical product at the market to change the opinions of healthcare experts and the expert public. In 2014, I have ranked the second in the Nature & Organic competition in London in the Best New Organic Product in the world with our all-purpose hemp ointment. This success opened up further opportunities in the field of cosmetics and new members joined our research & development team. I examine the world of cosmetics every day, I love it. When I have discovered CBG (cannabigerol) following the already popular CBD (cannabidiol), I did not hesitate anymore and worked even harder on further development and research. Yet again, we have produced a care product with great benefits. As Fann, the largest Czech chain of perfumery shops, declared its interest in our products, I got another kick-start and further motivation to develop luxury care. We have been developing and testing it, we spent sleepless nights preoccupied with formulas over months and months. We have whipped up a miracle. We chose expensive extracts for our products. CBG is currently the most expensive cannabis-derived substance as it is present in a very small ratio in the cannabis plant. Hence, it is also extremely difficult to get high-quality CBG. The cannabis crowd calls CBG the “Cannabis Gold”. I believe that CBG will become the major cannabinoid in a few years that women will love for its analgesic, calming and anti-septic effects. Cannabigerol is not offered to women only. I can only recommend the highly nourishing mix of substances to men too. We have not overdone it with perfume as it is not always welcome by the skin. So, the smell you sense is made of herbs and fine essential oils. The perfume is tender and sense-arousing. To sum it up: we are a natural cannabis care full of amazing substances following the essence and philosophy of Ayurveda. You may also be interested in the Inca Inchi oil that the cosmetic world has been often mentioning as a great benefit in skin care. I will be very happy to see our products in the hands of the customers who deserve them and who will use them every day. I am convinced that cannabis has its rightful place in cosmetic products. Oils and other substances in our products are of top-of-the-range quality, that is the key to our success. You can find many cannabis-derived products on a common market nowadays so it takes a lot of effort to pick the right cream or ointment. Especially in the times when people are using marketing strategies for their cannabis products to attract the consumer’s eye. An inexperienced customer is not aware of all the options available on the cannabis market and thus may not always be pleased with the chosen product. Our product guarantees high-quality care.

Jiří Stabla